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Photo by Heather DivaVoom

I’ve never questioned my sexuality nearly as much as my actual sex. Am I a human or am I a woman? Why am I compelled to discern the two? Am I the ‘other’? Will I ever excel at math?

I want to be beautiful, sexy, attractive but I fear my own sexuality. I fear being objectified, labeled or abused. I need to express myself yet I also need to hide myself. Women have few ways to reconcile their sexual energy. It is a driving force we have juggled, repressed, denied, exploited, replicated, and emulated, but how often do we own our sex?

I have interpreted this confusion into dance, more precisely, pole dancing. Generally identified as slutty and exploitative, pole dancing is actually technically very difficult and quite often remarkable. Pulled from the context of adult entertainment, it is also quite beautiful: a woman owning her sexuality and expressing it in dance.

However, in this performance each dancer will be wearing a beard. The beard not only protects her privacy but represents masculine power, embodying the confusion a woman faces when trying to find power and presence in a world that associates softer feminine emotional qualities with weakness. It also stifles beauty conventions and reconciles the gap between funny and sexy.