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Birdhouse 1, Video, Varied Dimensions, 2008.

Color Bars, Video, Varied Dimensions, 2008.

This series is comprised of 4 videos and several smaller clips. It employs several filming techniques, including stop-motion animation captured through old animation equipment. The equipment was quite beat-up and often created analog noise, best demonstrated in Color Bars.

I filmed the series in my living room and in the dead of winter. My goal was to sit as still as possible for hours at a time. However, my heat was hardly adequate and entire sections of my body would fall asleep. Once I finished a piece, movement became difficult and awkward, like learning to use my limbs all over again. My intention was for the work to be a quiet performance I would then transform into a new piece of art.

An edited version of the series, Birdhouse in Quadrants, can be viewed here.